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About Havelock Island

Havelock is one of the most important tourism destinations of the Union Territory of Andaman & Nicobar. It is one of the few islands that is inhabited, although most of it is a natural paradise, replete with white sand beaches, coral reefs with a colourful array of aquatic life, palm trees, as well as dense forests in the interiors. Inhabited mainly by Bengali settlers, the island houses a number of small villages. Covering an area of 100 sq. km, it lies on the northeast of Port Blair, 54 km by road and 33.5 km by sea. The pristine island is a great base from which to hike, fish, kayak and sail to other islands. It also offers some brilliant snorkelling and diving opportunities. Radhanagar beach on Havelock has been voted Best Beach of Asia, by Time Magazine.


Beach No. 7 on the western coast, better known as "Radhanagar" Beach, is one of the most popular beaches on Havelock and was named "Best Beach in Asia" by Time in 2004. Radhanagar beach is a paradise of nature. Sunset is the best thing you can enjoy.

Due to its reputation and popularity, one would expect crowds of people rushing to the beach, but the most amazingly the Radha Nagar Beach remains mostly empty compared to other popular beaches of the world. It can get a bit crowded straight down the entrance but if you walk a couple of hundreds meters to the left or right you will be alone again.

Radhanagar Beach gets really crowded with tourists around late mornings & afternoons – from 10 am to 4 pm. Early mornings are always the best time to enjoy the beach in seclusion – as you can have the entire beach to yourself and maybe, find a soul or two just like you – walking a dog, or enjoying their quiet session of yoga on the beach. Late evenings can also be a good time to visit, but the forests guards do not generally let you stay there for too long after it gets a little dark by 6 pm.

top 10 hotel in havelock
top 10 hotel in havelock


Approximately 20 minutes by boat from the Havelock Island dock. This destination offers beautiful white sand beach along with an amazing coral reef which starts at a depth less than a metre. The boat ride to Elephant beach passing through the light house is amazing.

Elephant Beach is an ideal destination for water sports and for leisure tour. You will be in a world apart when on this beach located in Havelock Islands. Its rich coral reef structure and amazing underwater marine life will certainly spellbind you and want you to keep coming back for more. Elephant beach is nevertheless the best place to visit in Andaman Islands and you will find a lot of Indians and foreign nationals here. This place is ideal for relaxing spending a leisure time with food and drinks. Besides, if you feel like doing some fun activities this beach offers water sports like diving, snorkelling, swimming, bird-watching, trekking and kayaking. Being famous for its coral reefs, sea walking is also actively partaken and the best part is, anybody with a zest for adventure can indulge in this underwater fun.


Vijaynagar Beach is perched on the well-known Havelock Island. This beach is an inimitable spot for all the travellers in quest of solace & nature's exquisiteness and more. This Beach is also know as beach no. 5 and it kms far from Island's dock.

The exceptionally beautiful Vijaynagar Beach is part of the iconic Havelock Island, which is counted amongst the top places to visit in Andaman. Also known as the "Beach No 5," and is just 38 kilometers of distance from Port Blair. It is just the perfect place to go for swimming and witnessing aquatic life by taking part in the watersport activities. For all the travelers who in quest of solace and nature's exquisiteness, Vijaynagar Beach is a matchless spot. The azure sky and equally beautiful sea make the landscape of this beach highly imposing. The tranquility and beauty of this beach make it an unsurpassed destination to enjoy the vacation far away from the hustle-bustle. A visit to this captivating beach endows traveler with tour whose memories remain hard to forget lifelong

top 10 hotel in havelock
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